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History Renowned Grandmaster Frank Lee is one of the world's most respected and recognized martial artist. A man of many achievements, he is considered a true pioneer in the Western world for introducing White Crane Kung Fu to Canada in the early 60's and Muay-Thai kickboxing to Canada in the early 70's. An individual whom Black Belt Magazine has crowned the "Father of Kickboxing in North America." He has helped to popularize these arts worldwide through his experience as a full contact fighter, world class instructor, demonstrator, promoter and matchmaker of full contact competitions. During his 40 years martial arts profession, he has produced many outstanding full contact kickboxing champions, many have competed extensively throughout North America, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, AustraIia and within the famed Rajadamnern and Lumpine Stadiums of Thailand.
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Grandmaster Frank Lee's Belief is That...
To be a true martial artist you should never compromise your ability by limiting your skills to just one style or art form. With this commandment in mind Grandmaster Frank Lee has traveled throughout the world studying, training and becoming highly proficient in many other fighting styles. He integrated the most brutally effective fighting techniques to refine his original system. As a result is an emergence of his own personal style, a blend of Kung Fu, Western Boxing, Greco Roman Wrestling, Jujitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. It is withouth a doubt the most complete form of combative Martial Art System in the world. In addition, he has earned the title of Cultural Representative for South East Asia at the Ottawa Museum of Man. Today Grandmaster Frank Lee continues to train and teach his innovative fighting techniques to his students in Edmonton.